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Another Arab lie

Site Occupied Palestine. Telling us about wild Zionists.

The first picture shows:
IOF “Fashion”
2 shots 1 kill, displaying a pregnant woman in visor of a rifle
Terrible? Yes. But...

The site KAVKAZCENTER on September 8, 2005


Finite la Comedia. As usual Pallywood lies.

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Just citation of the CIF Watch:

Two consecutive pieces by Rachel Shabi based on a picture of a female IDF soldier posing next to Palestinian prisoners, which she posted on Facebook – coverage which now includes an entire photo gallery of (9) images of Israeli soldiers’ “trophy pictures,” with absolutely no context provided.
Indeed, this photo from the collection contained the caption:
“Bloodied and broken, the body on the floor is all but ignored by the soldiers”
Of course, the only thing being ignored is the fact that you can CLEARLY see an IV – that is, medical aid - being administered by the Israeli soldier.
In addition to the grossly misleading caption, no other relevant information is provided.  We don’t know who the suspect is or the events which ensued leading up to that moment.  We are not told if the Palestinian belonged to terrorist organization, if he was armed, if there was firefight, and, if there indeed was a firefight, how it began.  In short, we don’t even have the most rudimentary information about the event.  We simply have one photo – a snapshot representing one split second frozen in time – and provided only enough text to advance the desired narrative: the cruel and sadistic Israeli hovering above a helpless and innocent Palestinian.  Such articles, essays, photographs, and accompanying captions, characterize both Israelis and Palestinians as mere political abstractions – symbols, not the real,nuanced, flesh and blood, complex human actors that they are.
In addition to all of this, writers at the Guardian, at times, frame pro-Israel groups who wage an aggressive defense against such distortions in dark, conspiratorial tones.  A recent piece by Jonathan Steele characterizes the U.S. president, and media, as bowing to pressure from the lobby - inferring that any defense whatsoever by the Jewish community will be framed in such classic conspiratorial tones.  Such a narrative attempts to delegitimze Jews for the mere act of getting involved in the political process in defense of what they see as their interests.Jews who are schooled in the often dark and tragic history of our people are not surprised that Israel, the modern state of the Jews, is surrounded by enemies who openly seek her destruction. Yet we alsosimply can’t avoid being continually shocked that, 62 Israel years after her birth, such enemies are given comfort – politicaly aided,and abetted – by those who claim to possess a progressive orientation.Let there be no doubt that those of us who understand what Israel’s Independence means in the context of Jewish history – those dedicated to the notion that the modern Jewish state (what Theodor Herzl characterized as the ‘Guardian of the Jews’) shall not perish – will not cease to be outraged, won’t stop fighting this onslaught.  We will be, in a word, “relentless” in her defense.  We won’t back down, not now, not ever.